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What is IFILE?

IFILE is a free online software application provided by the Government that you can use to create and submit Form 5500 or 5500-SF filings. IFILE is available to all registered users with Internet access.

IFILE allows you to save and print filings as you work on them. You do not need to complete a filing in one session; you can come back to a saved filing another day to continue working on it. Returns/reports created using IFILE can include a Form 5500 or 5500-SF, schedules, and attachments. IFILE uses an interactive form-fill application that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Once a filing is complete, users can electronically sign and submit it for processing. When using IFILE, system-generated emails will be sent to the filing author/signatory regarding the status of signature-ready and submitted filings.

Getting started...

You must register for an EFAST2 account in order to use IFILE. If you have not yet registered with EFAST2, click the button below. When completing the registration application, be sure to select Filing Author/Filing Signer user types.

Already registered?

If you are using IFILE to complete and submit your Form 5500 or 5500-SF, the steps you must follow are explained in the IFILE Quick Start Guide. Registered users can use the Login button below to access the IFILE application.

After successfully logging in, if you do not see a link in the left-hand navigation bar to Create a Filing, you should verify that your User Profile contains Filing Author/Filing Signer user types.

...more about IFILE...


  • How can I find my PIN? See EFAST2 Credentials FAQ   question 8.
  • Can IFILE help with signing a return/report? Yes it can...Section 3.11 of the EFAST2 IFILE User Guide  will show you how!
  • How do I check to see if a filing was received by EFAST2? See EFAST2 FAQ   question 37.
  • How can I see what my annual return/report will look like before it is filed? See EFAST2 FAQ   question 19.
  • What should I know about Form 5500/5500-SF attachments? See the attachments section   of the EFAST2 FAQ.
  • As a service provider, can I sign the annual return/report for my client? See EFAST2 FAQ   question 33.
  • What if I need to amend a filing? Section 4.1 of the EFAST2 IFILE User Guide   can explain how this is done.